Colorado farmer to become ‘state agronomist’

Colorado farmers will soon be able to hire their own agronomic specialists to help them grow their crops.

The Agricultural Extension Service (AES) announced the hiring of a team of agricultural scientists to work in conjunction with local farmers to help identify potential crop failures, weed problems and other problems.

AES President and CEO, Mark Fincher, explained that these agricultural scientists will be tasked with identifying and fixing problems that crop scientists typically see in other parts of the country, such as soil erosion, weed growth, water problems and crop rotation problems.

This new position will be created in coordination with the state Department of Agriculture and local agriculture departments, he said.

Finchers new role will come after the state enacted a law in 2015 allowing farmers to hire farm scientists as part of their agricultural extension service.

He explained that this new position, while a little more extensive than a local extension service, will not be nearly as lucrative.

Fancher said the state will require the hiring companies to have a high level of education and experience.

He said the team will be paid at least $50,000 annually, which he expects to be in the range of $30,000 to $50