How to make lime-infused ice cream without the dairy

A new, non-dairy lime-based ice cream recipe made with dairy-free ingredients is getting a lot of buzz on the internet. 

The new ice cream comes from The Food Network show, Ginger and I, and is named Lime and Lime Creamy Ice Cream. 

You can find the recipe on the Facebook page of Granola Mama, the brand that sells the ice cream and which is owned by Melissa and Sam Kuebler. 

“We wanted to make a fun, simple, healthy, vegan ice cream that people can actually enjoy,” Melisa Kueler, a blogger at Granola Mama blog, wrote on Ganola Mama’s page.

“We were inspired by some of the vegan recipes that were on the show and thought, ‘Why not make a recipe that uses dairy-less, dairy-friendly ingredients and doesn’t have dairy on it?'” 

The recipe is based on a vegan version of Marmalade from The Food Network’s Gravity Falls, and features vegan coconut cream, organic vanilla, coconut milk, and maple syrup. 

Kueler also says the recipe is vegan-friendly.

“It’s really a super simple recipe,” she said.

“I’ve been experimenting with dairy and lactose-free alternatives and lime juice for years.

This is definitely a vegan recipe that’s super easy to make, really delicious and totally vegan.

The only thing you have to do is just take the ingredients you need and mix them together.” 

According to The Recipe Book, this vegan ice cream uses organic coconut milk and coconut sugar, which are both dairy-based. 

Coconut sugar is used to make the sweetener in the cream, while coconut milk is used as a natural sweetener. 


According the Food Network, this recipe has been “wowing” people on Facebook.

“Granolita Mama is the new go-to for those looking for delicious, easy vegan ice Cream,” the blog said. 

Mermaid, a blog about healthy eating, also commented on the recipe, calling it “the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had.” 

The Ice Cream Project, which promotes the use of natural ingredients, has a Facebook page and Instagram page for Greenspace. 

 “This is a vegan ice dessert that is simple and easy to whip up and has all of the ingredients that you need for an ice cream sundae,” the group wrote on their Facebook page. 

As for the ice creams popularity on social media, Marilyn Huggins, the owner of The Granola Mom blog, said it was a great response from people who are vegan.

“As a vegan who’s been making vegan ice pops for years, it’s really refreshing to see a whole new generation of people getting vegan,” Huggens said.

She said there was a “pretty large response” on Facebook to the recipe.

“The more people I see who are eating vegan, the more they’re taking vegan ice to the next level,” she added. 

Grammy-winning actor Michael Ian Black, who also owns The Granola Blog, told the Daily Mail that he found the recipe to be “a little bit challenging,” but that it was the best ice cream he’s had. 

Black said he’s used ice cream for years but hadn’t tried anything with lime or lime juice, which he said is “not as popular as ice cream from Vegan World,” a popular vegan ice maker.

“There’s a lot more flavor and more complexity to the flavor,” he said.