Which farm drones are most efficient?

The US Department of Agriculture, or USDA, says the average farmer has more than 3.5 drones per acre, with farmers in the western US spending nearly $1,200 per drone per year.

And, as Recode’s Andrew Kaczynski reported last week, the USDA estimates drone use will reach 5 percent of the US farm workforce by 2020.

The government says that’s just a fraction of the drones flying over the country today.

“It’s definitely a lot,” USDA drone program manager Kevin Miller said at a recent event at the University of Wisconsin.

The drone-friendly USDA is working to develop new technologies to help farmers in remote areas, including remote sensing, drone-assisted irrigation, and even a new “robot-like” farming system.

The agency is also trying to reduce the number of drone-related crashes in the US by 2025.

As we reported last year, there’s some good news for drone users: the US has passed 100,000 drone crashes in 2018, with nearly 2.2 million of those cases involving drones.