Bloomberg Farms will plant 1,500 new jobs in Victoria

The Bloomberg Farm on the outskirts of Melbourne has received a $1 million grant from the Government to build a new facility for its specialty agriculture industry.

Bloomberg’s facility will provide more than 1,000 jobs in the region, including the construction of a plant, a feedlot and the installation of a new greenhouse.

Blomberg is the first farm in Victoria to receive the grant, and the farm is the third farm to be awarded in Victoria’s past three years.

It was announced by Agriculture Minister Michael McCormack at the launch of the BloomBerg farm.

Bloomsberg Farm, Bloomsburg, Victoria, Australia “The Blooming Farm is a proud part of our community and I’m proud to be able to say that it has the opportunity to help create and nurture new jobs and provide a positive impact on our communities,” Mr McCormack said.

“This investment will provide a new opportunity for people to experience the wonderful work of the farmers that make up the Bloomberg family.”

The Bloom Berg farm is located in the foothills of the Gold Coast, on a remote stretch of land about 100 kilometres south-west of Melbourne.

BloomBurgers and Blooburgers are a popular local breakfast, with customers enjoying a range of regional foods.

“It’s a small place, but it’s a community,” Bloomburg Farm owner Tony Blomberg said.

“We’re just a family business that is based around producing quality farm food.

The farm is one of the few farm operations that grows a variety of crops.

They’ve grown a lot of different crops, and it’s great for us as farmers to grow and learn from each other.”

I can tell you that when I started, I knew I wanted to grow the Blomberg farm as my family business.

“We are all very proud of what we’ve done here and it has been an amazing journey.”

Bloom Bags have become a staple for locals in Bloompurgers, but Blomburg said the Blobburgers’ growing demand for dairy products has prompted him to grow his own cheese, and grow other specialty cheeses.

“As we grow the farm, we’re growing our cheese and growing our products,” Mr Blombur said.

Mr Blomber said the farm has been growing organically for 20 years, and had grown organically since the 1960s.

Mr Bloomer said he was thrilled to be the recipient of the $1m grant, which will help with the cost of equipment and equipment equipment rent.

“The money is going to be allocated to help us build the facility that we’re going to use for our new facility,” Mr Broomberg explained.

Flowers were also planted in the area as part of the grant.

The Blobberg family will work with local environmental groups and the Victorian Government to manage the site.

Victoria’s agricultural industry will also receive the funding.

Mr McCormack thanked local businesses and the community for their support.

“Victoria has been one of our most important markets for Australian farmers for a number of years,” Mr Murphy said.

“And we are thrilled to have the support of the Government.”

The farm will be built at a cost of $1.5 million.