How to get your food on the table with the food safety system

An agricultural organization is urging farmers to take a page from the food stamp program and make sure their food is safe.

Agricultural Organization of Iowa (AOI) president and CEO Steve Jones says the Iowa Department of Agriculture needs to improve its food safety program.

The Iowa Department for Agriculture is an independent agency, and it’s supposed to do its job by ensuring the safety of Iowa’s food supply.

Jones says the department has had a problem with food safety since the food stamps program began in 2013.

He says the agency has been working on the problem for the last few years and they’re not doing a good job.

Agri-Food Industry Association of Iowa president and executive director Bob Anderson says the IADA should focus more on its food products and not food stamps.

The IADA has not been responsive to our requests, Anderson says.

We are working with our members to address that.

The AOI also wants the state to do more to protect Iowa’s farmers from foodborne illness.

It wants the Iowa Farm Bureau to improve inspections of farmers.

The AOXA also wants state regulators to investigate and punish farmers for food safety violations.