Russian agribusiness is not using our farming, Russian agriculture is not exploiting our farmlands, Russian farmers are not exploiting Russian soil, and Russian agriculture cannot be a slave of American interests, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a news conference on Wednesday.

“What we need is American agriculture,” Putin said, addressing the first of his five-day tour of the US.

The Russian president said the two sides were working to improve ties and coordinate efforts in the fields of trade and investment, investment, and climate change.

In a separate press conference, Putin said the US-Russia trade pact should be signed on the same day as the trade agreement between the two countries, signed by US President Donald Trump in February.

“The US-Russian trade agreement should be done by the same time,” Putin told reporters, according to Reuters.

The US- Russia trade pact would boost US-led efforts to combat climate change, promote investment in the Russian economy and improve trade relations.

Putin is also expected to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other US officials on Thursday.

“In Russia, we can say that we are doing everything possible to increase our bilateral ties and the trade between the countries,” Putin, who has made trade and security issues a top priority of his presidency, said at the news conference.

“We are doing it in the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

We are cooperating to prevent the emergence of conflicts of interest between our countries and the US.”

The Russian foreign ministry issued a statement on Wednesday, saying it had not received a copy of the new US trade deal from the US government.

“Russia does not recognise the US trade agreement signed between the US and Russia.

The agreement does not oblige Russia to take any action to benefit the US economy,” the statement read.

“Any kind of agreements that harm our bilateral relations or that undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our neighbouring countries will be vetoed by the US,” the ministry added.

Putin was also scheduled to meet US Vice President Mike Pence and US Secretary Tom Perez at the White House on Thursday evening.

The White House said the meeting would focus on “regional security, security cooperation, and trade and investments”.

Putin’s trip comes amid the ongoing political crisis in Russia.

Last week, Putin, speaking in Moscow’s Krasnoyarsk district, said he would not allow his country to be dominated by “extremist elements”, who he said were using their influence in the US political system to prevent him from pursuing a more “peaceful” foreign policy.

“This means that we need to work for a peace and stability in our country,” Putin added.

The new US-Putin trade agreement would benefit Russia, which has suffered an economic downturn in recent years, and could also help Putin consolidate his hold on power.

It will be signed at the G20 summit in Germany next month.

The Kremlin has said that it does not plan to pay any tariffs on US-made goods that are produced in Russia, despite the current economic crisis.

“I don’t see any problem, since the goods that we produce are produced under our license,” Putin claimed.