How the UK is getting better at monitoring the world’s agricultural industry

The UK’s Ag Inspectorate has launched a pilot project to monitor the quality of farmers’ feed and to identify issues with food safety, according to a report.

The Ag Inspectors Office for Food Safety (AIFS) launched the first of two pilot projects to monitor agricultural land to see how it compares to commercial farms in the UK.

The pilot is being funded by the government to help it to develop a “food safety strategy for the UK”.

It will involve more than 1,000 farmers across the country and will be funded through a seed grant scheme.

The programme will see an officer visit farmers at least once a week, conduct a safety assessment, and send a letter informing them of any safety concerns.

It will also provide advice on how to ensure food safety is monitored, how to use an automated system for reporting safety issues and what to do if there is a safety concern.

The first of the two pilot programmes has been funded by seed grant programme, the UK Government’s Agricultural Research Council (ARC) funded programme, which will run through to 2021.

The government’s funding will cover a period of 18 months and is expected to help to “increase productivity of UK-produced food” and “support agri-food and food industry development in the country”.

The pilot will help the UK Ag Inspectours Office for food safety “better understand the scale of UK agriculture” and the “food system and the safety of the food supply in the future”.

A spokesman for the government said the pilot would be an “important tool” in ensuring “food quality and safety” and would help improve the UK’s food safety record.

The scheme will also help farmers “improve their risk assessment systems, and will enable the government’s Agricultural Risk and Safety Advisory Board to better understand food safety issues”.

In addition, it will help farmers to “better manage risk associated with farming”.

Farmers who want to participate will be able to do so by signing up to a pilot scheme which will be run from February.