How to get the best of both worlds for your farmers

We’ve all heard the old saying: farmers need good agricultural practices to produce the best food, but it’s not just about having the best ingredients.

The best of the best can also have the most of the worst, so to speak.

To get the most out of a farm’s best ingredients, it’s important to know which practices work best for your farms, and how to implement them to maximize your success.

The next time you’re at the farmer’s market, pick out some of the most popular farm products and ask yourself these questions.

Will these practices help me produce the healthiest food I can?

Will they produce more yield than I need?

And most importantly, will they yield more protein and fiber?

If your farm is small or you have no way of knowing which practices will work best on your farm, you might want to reconsider that approach.

We’ve covered the basics of the different types of agriculture and the different kinds of farm equipment, but there are a few more nuances to know about that are worth digging into.

Let’s get started!