What do you get when you mix Bitcoin and Ethereum?

A week ago, when Bitcoin hit $8,000, it wasn’t the first time the cryptocurrency was seen as a hedge against a potential financial crisis.

The crypto-currency was once viewed as a way to save a little money, but now, it’s seen as an investment, a way for the average person to secure a few dollars at a time.

With bitcoin reaching a high price and the cryptocurrency’s value surging, it is no surprise that the price of ether, the token that powers bitcoin, has also risen.

The price of ethereum is rising as a result of the price spike.

It has been trending higher for the past two weeks, and it is currently hovering around $9,000.

Ethereum is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has been around since 2014.

Its token, ether, is used to buy and sell cryptocurrency, but its underlying technology is the Ethereum blockchain, which is used for the digital payments.

Ether, which started as a currency that was created as a payment system, has since been expanded to become a platform for other digital assets.

It is used in digital wallets to store cryptocurrencies, and is also used as a platform to exchange these currencies for other currencies.

Ether is traded on a number of exchanges.

There are several reasons why the price has risen in recent days, and there are many reasons why people are holding onto their ether.

The first reason is because it is a good time to invest.

Ethereum has reached an all-time high, and the market has been so buoyant that people are willing to take the chance to take advantage of a rise in the price.

For example, on Wednesday, the price climbed to a new record high of $1,800, according to CoinMarketCap.

This is a record high for Ether, which has risen more than 50% in just over a year.

On Wednesday, when the price jumped to $1-2,000 on Coinbase, this was one of the most popular trades on the platform.

This led to a total volume of over $8 million.

The surge in trading volume has fueled a lot of ether’s gains, and has been the driving force behind the rise in ether’s price.

On Friday, when Ether was trading at $3,000 after a recent spike, people were looking to sell their ether to make some extra cash.

This has driven the price up in recent weeks, which was a big deal for the price, especially for people who have held ether since it first came out in 2014.

The second reason people are looking to hold ether is because the market is volatile.

For the past week, the market had seen a number the biggest price jumps in history.

On Wednesday, for example, it was $1.6 million in the air, according, and that was the most recent jump.

The price has been increasing as a whole, but in recent months, the volume has been falling, which led to more price gains.

It was a trend that many people are hoping to reverse.

The market is expected to continue to fluctuate with the price going up and down.

The Ethereum market is in a great spot right now, with Ether trading at an all time high.

The fact that the market keeps rising and going higher, is the main reason people want to hold on to their ethers.

Eethers price could continue to rise for the foreseeable future, as the price is expected have a long-term upward trajectory.

This could be a good investment for some people.