France’s farmers strike: Lawmaker: Lawmakers are considering strike

French farmers are staging a strike to protest at the new law which would allow them to sell crops to consumers.

The strike has been called to protest against the introduction of the new legislation in the agricultural sector, which will allow farmers to sell their crops to the public.

France’s farmers are in the midst of a dispute with their employers over the introduction in March of a law which allows them to transfer crops from their land to the market.

The law has faced a backlash in the farming community, with farmers arguing that it will lead to higher prices and more stress on their farms.

However, a group of farmers have said they are now planning to organise a strike on April 11, and that farmers are considering the strike if there is no progress by the end of the week.

The group of about 500 farmers is set to meet at 10am local time (12:00 GMT), and will be able to take up their position to the sound of drums.

The farmers are set to demand a reduction in prices and a greater access to a market.

In its latest policy update, the European Union said that it would “reinforce the rights of the agricultural producers and guarantee the rights and interests of the consumer”.

Agriculture is the third-largest economy in the European continent after Germany and France.