‘The Hunger Games’ sequel: We can’t tell whether or not the Hunger Games 2 will be like the first title

We’ve seen this movie before.

We’ve watched it over and over again.

The Hunger Games.

It’s a movie that takes place in a dystopian future where people starve to death and a group of survivors escape into the wild to survive.

This film was written by Brad Bird and director George Miller, and based on the popular novel by Suzanne Collins.

That novel is the basis for this film, but its the story that inspired the story we’re seeing.

We can tell that there will be a sequel to this film.

We know that.

We were also told in August that Bird and Miller had completed the script for the film.

That’s the best we know of that it was going to be a new story with a different cast.

It was still in early development when I saw this trailer for the sequel.

But we can confirm that this sequel is set to be unlike the original film.

The sequel will be more of a film about family, and the characters of this film will be real people.

In this film’s story, the survivors of the first film have all been taken hostage by the government and are forced to live in a virtual world to escape their captivity.

This new version of the story takes place on the other side of the globe, where people can go to school and run their own businesses and enjoy leisurely pursuits without fear of being caught.

I think we can all agree that it’s a better movie to watch in 2017 than it was when it first came out in 2015.

So, how does the sequel compare to the first Hunger Games?

The first Hunger Game was directed by George Miller.

This one is set in a future where there’s no longer a government, and instead there’s a global uprising.

That uprising has left a number of major cities in ruins, and it’s left many of its citizens homeless.

This movie’s set in 2026.

So there are some major changes in the story.

In the original book, the story was told through flashbacks, which took a lot of the tension out of the film because it was a story of two people who were separated at birth.

But the new version is set between 2026 and 2040, and there are also major changes that we’re going to see in this movie, too.

For one thing, we’re not going to find out if the government is going to take over this new world and rule it in a totalitarian way.

Instead, the government will have to take action to keep the survivors from starving to death.

In addition, there will have been a shift in how we interact with the world.

In fact, this movie will be set in the near future, so the first game was set in 2024.

This time, the world is much more technologically advanced, and we will be able to access information from the internet in a way that the novel could not have imagined.

We’ll also be able wear clothes that can be worn anywhere.

This means we’ll be able go to restaurants, use vending machines and shop at convenience stores.

I am looking forward to finding out what happened to Katniss Everdeen in this new version.

The world of The Hunger Game 2 will have more variety, more depth and more characters.

But one thing that is different about the novel is that the movie’s version of Katnis life is a very real story.

She’s an orphan, and she’s a single mother.

So in this film we’ll have Katniskis life in a more realistic setting.

But that doesn’t mean the novel will be forgotten.

We will still be able enjoy Katnids journey, her struggle to survive in the wild and her friendship with other survivors.

In Katnismans book, she’s going to meet a man, but we won’t know much about him until after the film opens.

I’m looking forward also to finding new ways to interact with other characters in the novel, and seeing what happens in the world after the first movie.

We are also excited to see how the sequel will take the story in a new direction.

The original book ended with Katnies journey being successful.

That was very much the goal of the original Hunger Games, and that was what we were hoping for.

This sequel is a story about family.

It has a new beginning, and its a story that will have Katns journey continuing even though her journey is over.

I’ve been really happy with the way that Ive been able to watch this movie.

Ive had a lot more fun with this film than I would have been able if the novel was just a footnote.

I really enjoyed watching this film even though it wasn’t a complete sequel.

I thought it was fantastic that George Miller did the movie with this novel, because I think its really interesting.

I have been very happy with what he has been able in terms of writing this new story.

But I’m excited to find some new ways of interacting