How to prepare for agri-food jobs

TULSA, Okla.

(AP) The U.S. Agriculture Department says there are more than 5.8 million farm jobs in the United States and more than 6.2 million in the country’s rural areas.

That’s up from about 4.5 million in 2017, and the highest level since the Agriculture Department started keeping track in 2000.

Agriculture jobs are growing rapidly across the country, but it’s still a relatively small slice of the workforce.

The Agriculture Department has about 1.2 percent of the U.N. workforce.

The number of agricultural jobs has increased nearly 25 percent from the previous year, and rural employment has grown by a whopping 79 percent.

The unemployment rate is now 5.7 percent.

Agri-businesses are increasingly important to the rural economy, particularly when it comes to growing a crop.

There are about 1 million U.K.-based agricultural businesses that employ about 6.4 million people.

The U.C. Davis, Calif., agricultural university estimates there are about 7,000 U.P.A.-owned and operated farms in the U.

“It’s a significant economic sector, and they’re not just a handful of people,” said Dan Muhlbach, president of the Rural Economics Association.

The Rural Economics Foundation, which promotes the growth of agribusiness in rural America, estimates the number of U.R.A. farms will more than double to about 1,300 by 2030.

Rural businesses have been working to keep pace with the UPLP growth, but the growth in agriba-business jobs is also contributing to the economy.

The biggest drivers of the growth have been automation, which has led to more automation in some farming fields and the use of robotic tools to help farmers.

The increase in automation has led U.T.A.’s Muhldbach to call for “a new generation of farmers and agribitry.”

The Rural Economic Association estimates that U.U.S.-based agriboties employ about 15,000 people, and about 6,000 of them are in the rural areas of the Southeast.