Which Michigan football team is most ag-friendly?

Michigan State football is not only among the most ag, but the most pro-environmental team in college football.

A year after the football team played its first home game, the Mizzou football team announced the first-ever “Farm for a Day” initiative, with farmers participating in a variety of ways.

According to the program’s Facebook page, it will “give you the tools to grow, harvest, and distribute your food to local farmers throughout the state of Michigan.

Farm for a day is a community initiative to help support farmers by giving them the tools they need to be successful farmers.”

Mizzunas football team has been the ag-positive leader for the past five years.

This year, they have joined a growing list of top 10 ag-conscious programs across the country, including the University of Minnesota, Texas A&M, Clemson, Arizona State, and Stanford.

The Farm for A Day initiative is part of the Mizzygos new push to grow organic, sustainable food and produce in the state.

“We wanted to give people a little bit of a kick in the ass to go to a farm and to grow a little garden,” said Nick Naughton, an associate professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and one of the program directors.

“And then there are those other farmers that want to grow their own food, and they want to do that in a way that’s organic and sustainable, and to make a lot of money.”

The program, which is open to all teams, will be open to any team that chooses to participate.

A farmer will be selected to participate and their family will be notified in writing, the program says.

“The program is designed to encourage teams to consider organic farming, which means they will grow and harvest their own produce on a farm,” the Farm for Farmers program explains.

“As a part of this, all teams are encouraged to share in the knowledge that this is a sustainable and effective way to farm.

All teams will have to sign up and agree to the Farm For A Day program before they can participate in the program.”

The Mizzos farm will be a farm of about 40 acres and will have three different types of crops, according to the team’s website.

The first type of crop will be an annual wheat crop, which the team says will provide an annual yield of about 12,000 pounds, and will produce a variety called “Bark” that will be used to make corn, cotton, and soybeans.

The second type of crops will be beans, which will produce an annual average of about 2,500 pounds, as well as a variety known as “Mushroom.”

The third crop, a sweet potato, will produce around 2,100 pounds of a different kind of sweet potato called “Blueberry.”

The Farm For Farmers program will also offer students an opportunity to purchase organic produce from farmers around the state, and the program will encourage students to do the same.

“There is a lot more support and opportunity for students to support local farmers and organic food production than there ever has been before,” Naughthon said.

“So there is a very big opportunity to give back and help farmers that are already doing that.”

Mizzy Gains on Farm for Day: More than 10,000 organic food and farm produce options for students, alumni, and fans can be found on the Mazzo Farm for Students website.

Mizzonas team is also looking for other programs to join the Farm and Farm for Agriculture team.

“Our team is committed to helping to create an even greater impact in the world through agricultural practices and education,” Naugton said.