What you need to know about the USDA’s new program to help farmers with agricultural marketing

The USDA’s farm and food programs have been hit with a series of budget cuts since President Donald Trump took office, including a proposal that would eliminate $30 billion from the agency’s food assistance program.

But the Agriculture Department’s budget proposal for the fiscal year beginning in September calls for the creation of a new farm and agribusiness marketing program to replace the current crop-safety and pesticide-related programs.

The Agriculture Department would use $50 million from the crop-safe program to support agricultural marketing and $30 million from $50 to $70 million from a program that supports agribu­sional marketing and other agricultural marketing activities.

The USDA’s current crop safety and pesticide programs have not been affected by the budget cuts, and USDA officials said they will continue to work with the agency on how to better meet the needs of farmers and farmers markets.

“The Agriculture Security Grant program is critical to supporting agricultural producers and their businesses in the critical need for crop safety, and the USDA has committed to work closely with our industry partners to implement effective policies and practices to protect the health and well-being of American consumers,” the USDA said in a statement.

“We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our industry and farmers to this important program and look forward to working with the Department of Agriculture to address the need for additional funding for the program.”

The Agriculture department said it will work with industry stakeholders to address issues raised during the budget process, including the elimination of the agricultural marketing program, which has long provided farmers with financial assistance for marketing products such as seed and seed products, pesticides and other products.