‘We have to work harder to get farmers to work together’

Farmworkers and union leaders are demanding an overhaul of how agriculture funds are used.

They’re pushing for a more “accountable” government.CBS News has learned the $2.8 billion farm subsidy program is largely funded by a combination of farm loans, federal grants and loans from farmers.

But many of those funds are in jeopardy, thanks to the government shutdown and sequestration.

Farm workers have been demanding the change.

They say the government cannot continue to support farmers while it is shutting down the nation’s food supply.

They want the federal government to end subsidies for crop insurance, crop insurance credits and loans to farmers.

The National Agricultural Bank of America has already said it will not be reimbursed for payments to farmers in the first quarter of this year.

In its latest quarterly report, the bank said it had no intention of reopening for business.CBS National Security Correspondent Jim Zarrola contributed to this report.